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About the Equity Members Pension Scheme

The Equity Pension Scheme (EPS) was devised in 1997 by First Act from a mandate given by Equity. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the Members, the Scheme offers a unique Personal Pension Plan for members of the performing arts.

In December 2012 the EPS achieved the status of a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme. PRSN: 10079060.

It is the ONLY pension scheme that the Participating Companies will contribute to.

This highly successful and beneficial Scheme is administered by First Act with the funds managed by the U.K.'s largest Insurer, Aviva.

If you would like to download a full Information Pack or individual items from the pack please visit the library.

Please also note that when joining, you will automatically be investing in the default fund for the EPS, the AVIVA Mixed Investment (0-35% Shares) S6. Be aware that there are over 270 other funds available to you, including Ethical and Sustainable Future funds, which may be more in line with your attitude to risk, whether it be higher or lower than the default fund. Click here to go to the fund research site, select the ‘Pension’ tab and product name ‘Your Company Pension (in Series 2 & 6). If there is both a 2 and a 6, then the 6 applies. The ’advanced filters’ allow you to find the right fund for you. Advise us by e-mail if you choose an alternative to the default fund.

To find out more about ethical and sustainable investments click here for an informative video.

Follow this ink to the AVIVA website for fund information, pension calculators and other related subjects http://www.aviva.co.uk/pension-essentials

Alternatively, to register for the scheme click HERE

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