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Public Liability Insurance - Standard Members' Cover

This policy is designed for standard members (see definition on the members’ benefits page), or their personal service limited company where that person is the sole director and employee who is an artist as defined below, who performs as an individual or in collaboration with other standard members. Teachers of performing arts, models, choreographers, theatre designers, stage managers and theatre directors are also covered. You can download your individual PLI certificate from the Equity website.

If you are organising a production then you will probably require additional cover.

If you are employed in a production then insurance will be the responsibility of the production company.

Those members employing others (even freelance engagements) will require Employers’ Liability insurance and additional public liability insurance.

First Act Insurance is happy to discuss your circumstances, advise accordingly and arrange any necessary additional insurance covers required.

Student members are excluded under the standard members’ cover as they have their own public liability policy. Stage hypnotism and the use of fire and pyrotechnics are also excluded although cover is available under their respective sections.

This is a summary only; please refer to the policy for full details.

Questions and Answers

Q What type of incident is covered?

AThis policy will cover the financial consequences of claims against you for bodily injury and/or property damage to any person not your employee, arising from your activities as an “Artist” as defined below and no other professional business employment or activity.

Definition of “Artist”

Any individual person or their personal service limited company where that person is the sole director and employee who:

  • exercises professional skill in the provision of entertainment; or
  • is a face or body painter including the use of glitter and temporary tattoos that can be removed the same day by soap and water; or
  • exercises professional skill in carrying out their duty of stage manager, choreographer, theatre designer or theatre director in the provision of entertainment in the provision or entertainment and corporate events; or
  • is a teacher or voice coach engaged in the teaching of performing arts; or
  • exercises professional skill in modeling; or
  • exercises performance related skill in the provision of role playing, commentary, presentation and voice over to the commercial sector.

The cover excludes liability to any other artist performing with the insured, regardless of whether or not they are a member of Equity.

Q If I perform under my own Limited company and am the only Director and employee, will the policy cover my Limited company?

AYes. The policy covers your Limited company in the event that legal liability should arise from your activities as an artist.

Q Are there any conditions?

AYes. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent a loss. You must remain a member of Equity. You must notify insurers immediately and in any event within 7 days of any claim or suspected claim. You must not admit liability. Please also refer to the policy wording.

Q What is the limit of indemnity?

AThis is set at £10,000,000 and is in respect of all claims arising from any one occurrence. Claims involving products or pollution are limited to £10,000,000 during the period of insurance.

Q Are any deductions made in the event of a claim?

ANo, there are no deductions and no excess on any claim.

Q Are payments made on incidents occurring outside of the UK?

AYes. Policy cover includes any country where you are temporarily engaged in work, provided you are normally resident in the UK. The policy will however exclude any claim first brought in the USA.

Q Am I entitled to claim if I sustain more than one incident in a year?

AYes. The number of claims payable in any single policy year is unlimited.

Q If I am organising a production, show or the like, do I need to purchase additional public liability cover?

AYes. You may also require Employers’ Liability cover. Additional cover can be obtained from First Act.

Q What is not covered?

AThe policy does not cover

  • Damage to property, which is owned by you or is in your custody or control;
  • liability arising from ownership, possession or use of any aircraft, aerial device, hovercraft, watercraft or any mechanically propelled vehicle which is not a tool of trade and does not require its own insurance by law;
  • comedy cars are insured except where motor insurance is required by law or they involve the use of fire and/or pyrotechnics;
  • bodily injury to any employee;
  • bodily injury or property damage arising from activities involving henna or permanent and semi permanent tattoos;
  • pollution or contamination other than where sudden and unforeseen. Any pollution in the USA;
  • transmission of a computer virus;
  • advice, design or specification for a fee *;
  • the cost of repairing or replacing any product or the failure for it to perform the intended purpose. Any product relating to aircraft and the like;
  • the failure of your products or services to perform the function for which they were intended;
  • deliberate or reckless acts;
  • contractual liability which is greater than what would have existed without the contract;
  • date recognition;
  • war terrorism and nuclear risks;
  • claims arising from asbestos;
  • abuse or molestation;
  • the use of pyrotechnics, explosives or any special effect involving fire or explosion, other than the use of flash cotton, flash tape and flash paper;
  • your activities as an artist when under the direction, supervision or instruction of a production company;
  • hypnotism, hypnotherapy and the like;
  • liability incurred by you to any other artist or student member performing with you;
  • fines or penalties.

* Cover under this policy includes legal liability following injury or damage arising from concept design work. Errors or omissions in connection with a breach of professional duty are excluded.

Q Am I covered if I live overseas?

AOverseas members are covered while performing in the United Kingdom. Terms and conditions are as described above

Q Are there any conditions?

AYes. You must take reasonable care to prevent a loss. Claims or possible claims must be reported to Insurers in writing immediately. Under no circumstances should you admit liability after an incident.

Q Will I automatically receive a certificate?

ANo. A certificate is available from Equity or online at www.equity.org.uk. The full policy wording is posted on both the First Act and Equity web sites.

Q What is the duration of the cover?

AThe policy runs annually from 1 October and is automatically renewed.

Q How do I make a claim?

APlease contact First Act Insurance immediately. Contact details are listed below. Please note that late notification can lead to claims being repudiated. Under no circumstances should you admit liability following an incident.