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Public Liability Insurance - Student Members

This policy is designed for Equity student members and those performing in collaboration with other student members or standard

Equity members (see definition on the members’ benefits page). Cover is automatic and you do not have to apply. This is a summary only; please refer to the policy for full details.

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Questions and Answers

Q What is covered?

A This policy will cover the financial consequences of claims against you for bodily injury and/or property damage to any person not your employee, arising from your activities as a student member as defined below.

Student member — insured activities

An Equity student who participates in self-produced productions, rehearsals, profit share performances and occasional professional performances.

Q Are there any conditions?

AYes. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent a loss. You must remain a student member of Equity. You must notify insurers immediately and in any event within 7 days of any claim or suspected claim.

You must not admit liability. Please also refer to the policy wording.

Q What is the limit of indemnity?

A This is set at £2,000,000 and is in respect of all claims arising from any one occurrence. Claims involving products or pollution are limited to £2,000,000 during the period of insurance.

Q Are any deductions made in the event of a claim?

A No, there are no deductions and no excess on any claim.

Q Are payments made on incidents occurring outside of the UK?

A Yes, cover is worldwide excluding the USA or Canada, provided you are normally resident in the UK.

Q Am I entitled to claim if I sustain more than one incident in a year?

A Yes. The number of claims payable in any single policy year is unlimited.

Q If I am organising a production, show or the like, do I need to purchase additional public liability cover?

AYes. You may also require Employers’ Liability cover. Additional cover can be obtained from First Act.

Q What is not covered?

A These are the same as the standard members public liability cover.

Q Are there any conditions?

A Yes. You must take reasonable care to prevent a loss. Claims or possible claims must be reported to Insurers in writing immediately. Under no circumstances should you admit liability after an incident.

Q Will I automatically receive a certificate?

A Yes, you will get a certificate with your Equity membership card. A certificate is also available from Equity or online at www.equity.org.uk. The full policy wording is posted on both the First Act and Equity web sites.

Q What is the duration of the Cover?

AThe policy runs annually from 1 October and is automatically renewed.

Q How do I make a claim?

A Please contact First Act Insurance immediately. Contact details are listed below. Please note that late notification can lead to claims being repudiated. Under no circumstances should you admit liability following an incident.